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The Receiving and Transmitting of Inspiration

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The receiving and transmitting of Inspiration is like breathing in and breathing out. Only like it, though. What I receive, or breathe in, is not just air. It is my version, or my picture, of what I experience with my five senses. It can only be my version, because ‘my’ experience is shaped by who I ‘am’. To explain what I mean, I would ask you to think of a moment when you have been with a friend to the same place at the same time, let’s say a beach on a summer’s evening. You both see the waves moving in the light of the setting sun; you both feel the warm wind on your skin; you both move your toes in the wet sand. You both smell the seaweed on the rocks, hear the sucking of the water as it moves out of the pools, and taste the salt on your lips. Each of your and your friend’s five senses has been one of the channels through which you have both sensed the same experience. But your experience is not your friend’s experience. It is shared, but it is not identical: you will each imagine, or make a picture, of it. And because you both exist in the dimension of Time, your pictures will also move through Time, like a story. 

Inspiration lies at the core of what most of us wa...
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