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Presence does not have to be loud.

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Presence does not have to be loud. What it comprises is a body that is integrated, energised and grounded in action: it means a daily routine of practice: filling the lungs with breath, using the diaphragm muscle to enable breath to work the larynx that makes our voice, strengthening the lips and tongue so that diction is clear, and getting our body aligned with the pull of gravity so that our legs, head and torso are in harmony. This daily practice is more of a workout to raise self-awareness than a preparation for a performance, although when it comes to public speaking, Presence will aid us as well as our audience. But Presence is first the basis of how we are experienced as people. And, most crucially, when we concentrate on, and train, these components of physical Presence, we lose our fear, because by focusing on crafting the integration of these physical aspects of our being, we forget our ego.

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